Vaipani SunPro 20 +

Why Sunscreen lotion for me & Why Vaipani Sunpro 20 ?

UVA & UVB short term damages are like immediate skin darkening & sunburns.
The long term damages are premature  ageing & permanent skin darkening & may cause skin cancer as well. This product is a result of hard ship by the Vaipani research team for years together. At Vaipani we understand your needs & skin well to help & assist to keep you look young & beautiful always.
Vaipani SunPro 20 with UVA & UVB protection, controls damages due to sun like sun spots, skin darkening & premature ageing. It contains Vitamin E & extracts of  Aloe vera, Yashtimadhu, Manjeeshtha etc. This product respects all types of skin.
Is Vaipani SunPro 20 correct for my daily use ? 
Yes, finally you have found a Sunscreen with which you will be comfortable using it daily in any season. This lotion is absorbed well in the skin & is sweat & water resistant. Apply daily to face, hand & other exposed area, atleast 15-20 mins. before exposing yourself to sun. Apply every 3 to 4 hrs. for continuous protection from the sun.
Vaipani SunPro 20 +
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