Vaipani Fair Day Moisturising Cream (40g)

Ayurvedic Product

A specialized formula with hydrating and skins natural defensive capabilities improving active substances and enriched with Aloe Vera and Almond oil. It's unique moisturizer makes the skin soft, supple & balances the skin moisture level. It provides skin deep nutrition giving it your skin a healthy glow. Vaipani Fair Cream is a light cream which helps in restoring the hydration of your skin; bringing the water level to normal, which is lost due to sun light. With specially chosen almonds & with rose oil your skin becomes soft & fresh.

Directions For Use: Apply every day after cleansing with Davna scrub or Oryza cleansing cream. Gently massage into the skin using circular movements moving from inside to outwards of the face & from the base of your neck towards the top.

Active Ingridents: Aloe Barbandensis, Prunus Amygdalus, Rosa Centifolia., Sesamum Indicum, Helianthus Annuus.

Vaipani Fair Day Moisturising Cream (40g)
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