Vaipani Sun Pro 30

Natural Product

Vaipani SunPro 30 is a result of hard ship by the Vaipani research team for years together. At Vaipani we understand your needs and skin well to help and assist to keep you look young and beautiful always. Vaipani SunPro 30 with UVA and UVB protection, controls damages due to sun like sun spots, skin darkening and premature ageing. It contains Vitamin E and extracts of Aloe vera, Yashtimadhu, Manjeeshtha etc. This product respects all types of skin. Is Vaipani SunPro 30 correct for my daily use ? Yes, finally you have found a Sunscreen with which you will be comfortable using it daily in any season. This cream is absorbed well in the skin and is sweat and water resistant. Apply daily to face, hand and other exposed area, atleast 15-20 mins. before exposing yourself to sun. Apply every 3 to 4 hrs. for continuous protection from the sun.

Vaipani  Sun Pro 30
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