Vaipani Pimpact Cream (20g)

Each Contains 100g
Aloe barbadensis                 
Rubia cordifolia                  
Berberis aristata                  
Acorus calamus                   
Acacia catechu                    
Symplocos racemosa           
Satalum album      
INDICATIONS: Vaipani Pimpact Cures and Prevents disorders of the skin like acne and any infection due to acne. It also gradually restricts the growth of melanin, hence the skin gets fairer. It is very effective in curing boils and pimples. It is particularly useful for oily skin to normalize it. 
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Clean the face with Vaipani Honey cleansing Milk or Vaipani Honey Shower Gel, Spread pimpact all over the face & massage gently. Use regularly after bath and before going to sleep.
Vaipani Pimpact Cream (20g)
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