Exports Director, Mr. Nilesh Khanorkar leads the Export Division of VAIPANI . He is a thorough professional who believes in experimenting and presenting real quality products. He has a team of professionals working under him who are keen on expansion and on putting the VAIPANI label on top of the world.


VaipaniThe Indian market consists of four Zones managed by a Zonal manager each. The Northern Zne is looked after by Mr. Jelis Subhan , the Southern Zone by Mr. Avinash Nandunwar, the Central and Eastern Zone by Mr. Keshav Ratnaparkhe and the Western Zone by Mr. John Kothare. The marketing team consists of several M.B.A's and other staff . The marketing division is well coordinated ,well managed and easily accessible.

The research and development department of Vaipani is incessantly carrying out research since 1980 to present to you a broad range of high quality Ayurvedic products. The department consists of several Ayurvedic doctors and technicians, who are highly qualified, trained and dedicated towards their work. All these people work as a team under the able guidance of Mrs. Vijayshree Khanorkar and carry out the research activities. The R&D department carries out extensive research to result into the Vaipani products.

Quality Control Mrs. Vaishali Mendhekar, head of quality control department assures you of high quality products and maintains the same by growing herbs at our own farm where all kinds of rear herbs are cultivated. These herbs are used in their purest form in the production of various products. Firstly a thorough research is carried out and later on developed and tested for good quality. The products pass through numerous dermatological tests.